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SS Newholm
SS Ambassador
SS Mendi
SS Skaala
Privateer Dragon 1757
MV Napoli
MV Lucy
HMT Caroline
German Submarine U-260
SS Basil
Glenart Castle
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Did Barbary Pirates visit Devon?        They did visit Iceland



Pirates, Privateers & Corsairs    


Why not look at the history and biographies of the well known Pirates, Privateers & Corsairs   



The Hospital ships of the Amada 1588


There were two ships in the Armada of 1588 called San Pedro the other was known as  San- Pedro-el Menor both were Urcas/Carracks of about 500 to 581  tons. The larger San Pedro-el-Mayor was part of Squadron of Hulks Commanded by Don Juan Gomez de Medina. It had 29/30 guns and a crew of 28 mariners and also113 Soldiers on board.   




The story of women on board Royal Navy Ships at the time of Trafalgar


There were women on board RN ships before and during the battle of Trafalgar. They ranged from the wives of Captains and Officers. One or two Captains were reprimanded for taking women on board but many were not.  




To Sail no more (The story of a West Country Ketch )


It took less than a minute for the brick to zig zag its way to the sea floor where it landed with a gentle silent thud, it threw up a cloud of silt disturbing a small fish scavenging for morsels in the fine sand. There were many bricks that found their way to a watery grave that day but it was the only one to hit an object that had laid there undisturbed for well over 3,500 years.



Tin Ingots in the Erme Estuary


Where did the tin ingots, found in the Erme come from? 




Dartmouth Cannons