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The King Cadwallon , shown sinking above, was a Glasgow King Line 3275 Ton steamer with a beam of 49ft and length of 325ft. Adjacent to the image is a photograph of the owner,  Owen Crosby Phillips.
The ship was on route to from Barry docks to Naples in July 22nd 1906 when her captain, George Mowat , and his 26 crew entered thick fog and hit the “Hard Lewis” north east of the Isles of Scilly. The fog soon cleared but it was too late for the ship as she settled on the rocks with her full cargo of coal.
The skipper and crew took to the lifeboats in the calm sea and watched as she slipped beneath the sea. The King Cadwallon had two boilers and a triple expansion engine giving her 278 hp. She was build in 1900 by Rodger A. & Co in Glasgow.She started life owned by McLaren & Mclaren of Glasgow as the  SS Edderton but  was sold to  Philips, Philipps and Co. Ltd ( King Line), London in 1904 who renamed her King Cadwallon. This is when the two brothers formed the "King Line"

Today she lay scattered amongst the rocks on the north side of Hard Lewis Rocks in position  49:57.960N, 6:14.610W providing the diver with a range of depths from 10m to 47m at the stern. The visibility is generally very good and I have even been able to see the dive boat from 40m. Watch the video link below that takes you from the surface to 47m .

Images and video Steve Clarkson

  Watch the video of the King Cadwallon