Help us save HMS Victory 1744


In the past, you expressed support for the recovery of the wreck of HMS Victory so I wanted to ask if you would like to join the Maritime Heritage Foundation in its campaign to save the wreck of HMS Victory? All the Foundation asks is if you would sign up by clicking on this link and the 'Sign Up Now button'.


The Foundation is concerned that natural and man-made impacts are eroding the shipwreck's structural integrity and leading to artefact losses. The published evidence - gathered over eight years - demonstrates that HMS Victory is undergoing damage with clear photographic pictures of injury to cannon surfaces, broken cannon muzzles, artefact displacement, natural deterioration and looting. This has resulted in a significant loss of archaeological data and knowledge about the wreck. There is more information on HMS Victory,

and these threats here:


The Ministry of Defence recently withdrew approval for the Maritime Heritage Foundation to proceed with the recovery of at-risk, surface artefacts whilst it dealt with an application for judicial review - they believe approval will be reinstated in the near future.


In the coming weeks, the Foundation would like to send you information about HMS Victory and ways that you can help its campaign to save this vital discovery of British maritime history. Please feel free to forward the above links to your colleagues who you think may also have an interest in joining the campaign to save the wreck of HMS Victory.


Do not hesitate to contact Rebecca Blackwood ( if you have any questions or comments.  


As always, thank you!